Calming Collection


IDEAL FORDry Skin/ Oily Skin/ Combination Skin/ Normal Skin

AlumierMD Calming Collection Is A Luxurious Set Features Four Essential Home Care Products To Support Sensitive And Redness-Prone Skin. They Are Housed Together In A Plush, White, Vegan Leather Cosmetic Bag.



Each Kit Contains One Of Each:
SENSICALM                                                      177ml

SensiCalm Is A Smooth PH Balanced, Hydrating Cleanser That Delicately Removes Impurities And Excess Oil While Calming Skin.

CALM-R™                                                          30ml

A Soothing Hydrating Serum That Targets Redness And Blemishes While Maintaining Skin’s Delicate Moisture Balance.

HYDRACALM                                                    50ml

A Rich And Restorative Hydrator Packed With Natural Calming Ingredients Specifically Formulated To Relieve Redness-Prone And Sensitive Skin.

SUNSCREEN SPF 42                                                   60ml

A Lightweight, Non-Comedogenic, Quick-Drying Physical Sunscreen That Provides Powerful Broad-Spectrum Protection Against Harmful UVA And UVB Rays Using A Combination Of Zinc Oxide And Titanium Dioxide.


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