A cleansing milk that gently removes make-up and dislodges impurities, leaving the skin perfectly soft and clean.

225 ml.

A delicate grapefruit-scented milk. Its high tolerance formula is enriched by Purisoft, Tasmanian pepper, and fucose (Fucogel 1000®) based polysaccharides. It is suited to normal, dehydrated, weakened, alipidic or sensitive skin types. It purifies the skin while facilitating the elimination of all microparticles coming from the environment that obstruct pores and asphyxiate the skin.


Eliminates impurities
Protects skin cells against pollutants
Calms inflammation and soothes the skin
Maintains the skin’s natural hydration

How to use
Morning and night, apply a small quantity of cleansing milk to a wet sponge or cotton pad. Apply to face and neck with a circular motion. Repeat if necessary. Then rinse skin with warm water and apply HydraCalm Lotion. Can also be applied with the fingers. This technique is recommended for dehydrated skin.

Moringa Oleifera (anti-pollution peptide)
Fucogel 1000
Tasmanian pepper


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